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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 7th, 2015

Episode 274 of 870 episodes

Pip's grateful for Rex's help with her cow track. Rex is a bit disappointed at Reedles who only want to try a handful of geese for their Christmas menu. Keen to try Elizabeth again, Rex asks Pip to help by coming with him. Rob gently rebukes Helen for taking Henry to school when he wanted to himself this morning (he slept in). Henry wet his bed and Rob sees that Helen looks done in. He's keen that she gets back into bed, where he'll join her - but Tom shows up for a planned (with Helen) shop meeting. Jolene's impressed with Rob's basket as he plans to cook a posh meal for Helen tonight -could have a word with Kenton about being a New Man. Jolene asks Pip to pass on to David that Kenton is 'thinking it over'. Tom brings Henry a toy train set as a gift for starting school, keen to give it to him right away - but Rob convinces Helen to delay this to the weekend. Without Helen knowing, Rob has organised a builder. Helen's keen to know what Rob thinks of their stock list. Rob humbly suggests that they branch out a bit, away from the very local, organic produce - but it's Helen's decision of course.

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