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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



February 8th, 2016

Episode 414 of 870 episodes

Peggy and Jill are busy sewing the new curtains for the village hall. Jill mentions the Bull's new chef Zoe is starting today, and they discuss their arrangements for Pancake Day. Pip comes in from lambing to find Ruth showing off the brochures - their cattle is now officially up for sale. They reflect on the long history of the herd. Jill moves on to Valentine's Day, noting it will be Bert's first without Freda. Jill knows how he feels; she has kept and cherished the final card Phil wrote for her. Peggy is sceptical about the latest in a long line of Kate's business ventures, or "hippy ideas". Peggy suspects she is looking for a hand-out. Nonetheless she agrees to meet her. Ruth notices Pip is distracted during lambing. She confesses that she and Matthew had their first ever row last night, and she worries they won't be able to work as a long-distance couple. Peggy and Pat discuss Helen's situation, and come to the conclusion that the baby must be her priority... just as Rob said.

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