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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



March 8th, 2016

Episode 439 of 870 episodes

Pip and Josh drive to meet the Fairbrothers, to discuss the pastured egg business. When Pip questions the wisdom of Josh "bothering to apply" for university, he hits back that she is taking her love-life frustration out on him. Josh brings this up again in front of Toby. Josh haggles his percentage-stake in the business - he drives a hard bargain! They settle on a fifty-fifty deal, without Rex's approval. Ursula is cooking. Helen has misplaced her maternity notes, and it transpires that Ursula has moved them. Henry questions how healthy Ursula's recipe is, and Ursula takes offence. She nips out and leaves Helen watching the dinner. Upstairs, Rob phones a prospective boarding school for Henry, which Helen overhears. She asks who he is making secret calls to, but the smell of burning interrupts them. Helen insists she set the timer and asks Rob if he touched it. Ursula implies that ruining meals is a trait of anorexics. For a second time, Helen eavesdrops. She insists that she didn't burn the dinner deliberately, and asks what they were talking about. Rob doesn't admit to Helen who he was on the phone to, but instead reiterates how concerned they are about her current state.

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