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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 8th, 2015

Episode 180 of 870 episodes

Brian finally catches up with Kate about the sheep dye in the pool. Kate still maintains it wasn't her fault. Unable to stand the arguing any longer, unimpressed Phoebe helps her clean up. Kate announces her intention to move into her cottage on Friday. She's having a house cleansing ceremony, with all the people she loves. Whilst not insisting Phoebe moves in with her, she entreats her to come on Friday, and stay over. Adam has another run in with Brian over the herbal ley. Adam explains it won't just be temporary grazing, it's a longer term experiment to do with soil erosion. Surely Brian saw what happened during the flood? But that was an extreme, argues Brian. He accuses Adam of hippy romanticism. Mike and Vicky prepare for Friday's departure from Ambridge. Phoebe helps Vicky pack clothes. Vicky extends an open invitation to Phoebe to come and visit. Finding Mike amid chaos in his shed, Vicky orders him to have a clearout; there's no point in them taking stuff they won't use. Later Mike confides to Adam he's struggling with de-cluttering. Vicky sweeps in declaring she's found an ex-scrap merchant who'll take things off their hands. He's coming on Thursday! Plenty of time to sort everything, asserts Vicky.

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