The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 8th, 2015

Episode 222 of 870 episodes

Jennifer is sensitive and supportive as Phoebe explains how she and Alex had carefully planned her first time, which was destroyed by Kate walking in. Jennifer remembers her own experience, with her first love - and her own pregnancy. Jennifer's happy to offer advice on contraception. Phoebe's worried about what Alex thinks of her now. They're going to meet up - could he be about to break it off? Phoebe wishes she had stood up to Kate. Pip goes with Adam, Rex and Charlie to the NEC Livestock event in Birmingham. Rex is pretty awed by the event, and also keen to stick close to Pip. Pip introduces Rex to Charlie, who's looking at the latest technology. Pip mentions that she's not so passionate about new technology these days - having spoken with Rex and Adam. As Pip asks about Toby, and his rather oddly timed rugby training, Rex covers. Pip learns a bit more from Rex about Toby and how he doesn't like to be pinned down. Rex also asks about Pip leaving Brookfield - a great set up. She's ready to stretch her wings - her relationship was going nowhere and she's young free and single. Adam and Charlie have a heated discussion about business and Adam bailing on his maize contract. Charlie has always been straight with Adam, and trusted him to do the same.

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