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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 8th, 2016

Episode 570 of 870 episodes

Helen is overjoyed by Ian's letter. Anna asks her to open up about her friendship with Ian. Helen admits that Rob drove a wedge between them and concedes that he didn't like any of her friends. Anna tells Helen that Jess has agreed to see her on Friday. Helen still won't admit what she and Jess have spoken about. Jill wonders if Shula is feeling up to her birthday do. Shula explains that she just has a lot on her mind. At Shula and Kenton's celebrations at The Bull, Dan tells Jill about his holiday with Dorothy. Shula shows Jill the brooch Richard bought her for her birthday. She loves it. At the bar, Toby tells Pip they can stay at his friend's penthouse in London this weekend. When Dan asks Toby and Pip to join him and Dorothy at a gig on the weekend, both of them give excuses for why they can't make it. Jill asks if Pip has a man on the horizon. Pip says she is happy being single for a while. Shula leaves The Bull and bumps into Anna. Shula asks Anna about Helen's case, saying she has been racking her brains for some way to help. Anna says she can't talk about it. Shula asks Anna to pass on her best wishes to Helen.

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