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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 8th, 2015

Episode 275 of 870 episodes

Jennifer's delighted that Phoebe is applying to Oxford and spreads the news around. Brian says she takes after Jennifer, who could have easily gone herself. Jenny has been researching the colleges. Meanwhile, Kate needs to talk to Brian about which plot of land he's giving her for her retreat business. There's an old stone barn down by the Am that wasn't affected by the flood - but she should speak to Adam. Kate and Lilian are planning a research trip to an alternative therapy centre in Borsetshire. Jennifer also reports that Roy and Kathy will be taking on the recruitment of a new health club manager at Grey Gables. Kate chooses her barn and Brian visits the herbal leys - he worries about a future of music festivals and tipis. Brian's not amused when Adam calls him a dinosaur. Helen's a bit worried about the Bridge Farm shop seeming elitist, but Pat speaks up for their organic produce as Helen ponders Rob's idea to stock national brands and parrots his words about needing to make money. Helen's really missing Henry while he's at school - she wonders whether one of Henry's new friends might be affecting him (and his bed wetting). Pat remembers Helen's first day of school. Helen misses Henry so much and wants to protect him - the days seem so long and she thought she'd enjoy having time on her hands. At least you have Rob beside you, says Pat. Yes, he's great, says a sombre Helen.

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