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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 9th, 2016

Episode 519 of 870 episodes

Joe and Eddie visit Ed who is cutting hay and they reminisce about haymaking of the past. Clarrie joins them with a picnic and they discuss the road decision and its impact on people in Edgeley and Loxley Norton. When Joe asks about Alf, Eddie says he has blown his chance to be part of the family. Clarrie recounts how at church Alan explained that the Lent Appeal money had been replaced by fundraising from the Jumble Trail, the Brownies and a mystery benefactor. Eddie says it's the first time he has been called a mystery benefactor. Toby brings the goslings to Hollowtree, two-hundred just like Rex requested. Rex has made a rota for the geese and hens work over the next month. Lilian contacts Toby about his film which prominently features the Damara logo on egg boxes. Lilian tells Toby the film is amateur and if he wants to preserve his business relationship with Justin it needs to be greatly improved. And in the meantime, Justin is not interested in Toby making a film for Damara. Back in the hayfield, Ed says he has asked Tom if he wants to join him and Jazzer sheep shearing in Wales. He says Tom is tempted but not sure if he can spare the time. The conversation turns to Caroline and Oliver's return. Clarrie's not sure what they're going to make of the state of Grange Farm.

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