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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 9th, 2015

Episode 223 of 870 episodes

Ruth's back from Prudhoe, where she has been looking after her mum Heather. They're pleased to have Eddie's back at Brookfield to do the milking - with Pip doing mornings, so Ruth can relax. Jill tells Ruth about the Fairbrothers and their goslings at Hollowtree Farm. They discuss the Fairbrother boys - Ruth's rather annoyed not to have been consulted - and she hopes they behave. Jill also finds it rather strange. David sensitively tells Ruth to leave the farm to him and Pip while she's busy dealing with Heather. Carol and Jill are pleased that Bert's turning his attention to his own garden, back at the bungalow. It's what Freda would have wanted. They also discuss Kenton, and the village fete - there's no sign of Kenton offering David a truce. Jill hopes Shula can help. Toby and Pip flirt a bit as she checks on how things are with Toby's website for the business. At Pip's suggestion they relocate to the Bull, where there's wifi. Rex and Toby later talk about Pip - Rex confronts Toby over messing Pip around. However, Toby sees eligible Pip as a bit of a prize.

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