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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 9th, 2015

Episode 249 of 870 episodes

David reports to Jill, from Prudhoe, on Heather who's better physically than mentally. David feels useless. Jill talks up Pip and tells David not to worry about the farm. David's sad to miss Kenton and Shula's birthday party, as he'd hoped it would go some way to resolving things between him and Kenton. Pip's University results celebration will have to wait as well. Busy Pip can't make the party either - nor can Josh who has to deal with escaped hens. Dan and Shula share a joke as she prepares for the guests to arrive. Hung over Kenton is depressed about the money needed for the Bull. He's not going to the party - and tells Jolene not to mention their problem to anyone. Jolene phones to say that Kenton has a stomach bug. Shula's unconvinced and she and Elizabeth discuss the rift. They remember David and Kenton's spats from childhood. Jolene keeps Kenton busy as they clean up the Bull during a quiet afternoon. Jolene tries to get Kenton to see the best in things, but he's so depressed he says he really can't.

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