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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 9th, 2016

Episode 624 of 870 episodes

When Tom drops an ice cream delivery at Grey Gables Roy takes the opportunity to ask him how his house share's going. Tom concedes Johnny's a good lad, although he goes over the top with the body spray. Later Roy quizzes Kirsty over how things are with Tom. Kirsty insists there's absolutely nothing happening between them. She turns the conversation round, suggesting Roy should get back on the dating scene. She offers to help him freshen up his image. Helen's keen to keep Henry occupied while Rob's on site visiting Jack. She hasn't mentioned the divorce to Henry yet, but assures Tom she will do. Helen offers to talk through Tom's upcoming Nuffield interview, but Tom's evasive. He admits he feels it's really Helen's project and he'd feel guilty if he got the scholarship. Helen reassures him, persuading him he should still go for it; she's happy to be involved but isn't ready to take it on herself yet. Shula's looking forward to the hunt season. Oliver's pleased; he wants to offer her a role as a joint master. He believes she'd be the perfect ambassador. After some discussion, Shula agrees to talk it though with Alistair. For the sake of the hunt, Oliver hopes her decision's the right one.

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