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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 9th, 2015

Episode 336 of 870 episodes

As Heather's executor, Ruth has lots of odd payments to tie up. She sadly reflects on Heather's last confused months as David tries to comfort. They discuss Eddie, who has asked for a number having seen a cottage go up for rent. Pip would love to run cattle on Adam's land but doesn't know where to find the money to go into a partnership. To make the most of the leys, Adam would have around 150 cattle. With Pip able to supply about 50, Adam will make up the numbers (around 100) with his own if she looks after the whole herd. They shake on it and Pip goes to discuss finances with David and Ruth. Ruth had no idea Pip and David have already been discussing loans - David didn't want to bother peeved Ruth until it was definite. Ruth goes to inspect the Fairbrothers' slaughter area and offers tips and the loan of an industrial vacuum - she doesn't need to check with David. Rex says it's annoying when your partner just does his own thing. This strikes a chord with Ruth, who mentions that Pip's going into share farming with Adam. Rex laughs, thinking about cocky Toby. Ruth points out that if you never try to understand each other's point of view, life soon becomes impossible.

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