The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



February 10th, 2016

Episode 416 of 870 episodes

Bert comes up with the idea of having a piggy bank in the church for the Lent appeal. Feeling like they need a catch up, Shula treats Bert to a coffee at the Ambridge Tea Room. They notice the tea room's event for Valentine's Day will be alcohol-free, perfect for Shula who has given up alcohol for Lent. They also discuss Lynda's planned production to celebrate rural life. They see Rob and Bert comments that Helen's lucky to have him to look after her. Rob insists Helen eats regular snacks, for the baby's benefit. He talks about her odd behaviour, especially her recent secretly-planned day out with Kirsty. Helen admits she doesn't know what came over her. Rob advises that she speaks to him rather than Kirsty. Rob books an "urgent" appointment with the GP on Helen's behalf, and then cooks her a big dinner. Rex bumps into Pip while looking for Bert, and he's delighted when she accepts his invitation to a drink tonight. Meanwhile, Bert agrees to build the Fairbrothers' egg-mobile. At the pub, Pip asks for Rex's advice about her long distance relationship with Matthew. Rex can't bring himself to encourage her to end it, although he clearly wants to. Pip thanks Rex for being such a "good mate".

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