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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 10th, 2015

Episode 184 of 870 episodes

Peggy comforts Christine, encouraging her to accept what she's lost and try and move on with life after the burglary. But Chris is struggling; where should she go from here? As a distraction Peggy and Jill accompany her to an open garden. Chris tries her best to be cheerful, but they're worried about her. She's adamant she can't face going back to Woodbine. They're horrified that she's contemplated going into The Laurels. She's still so full of life! They resolve to support her, whatever she decides. Neil's having trouble getting Mike to part with the contents of his shed. Mike declares there's a lot of history in there and it goes against the grain to chuck it out. Eddie comes to the rescue, offering to help sort it out and take stuff off Mike's hands for him. He and Neil divide the spoils between them, and Neil ends up with a somewhat useless homemade rat trap. Job done, the three of them treat themselves to a celebratory drop or two in the cider shed. They reminisce, ruminating on good times and bad. Mike reckons he wouldn't have got through it all without his mates. Eddie's touched; they're glad to have been there for him.

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