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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 10th, 2015

Episode 250 of 870 episodes

Susan's pleased with the new tabards that have arrived at the village shop for the staff to wear. But Lynda's horrified at the pink and orange paisley - and misspelt 'Linda' on the helpful name badges. Susan's looking for a local celebrity for the shop's reopening. Jim suggests Jennifer but Susan thinks they should aim higher. Lynda confides in Pat her plans for the shop - Pat keeps quiet about her own plans for the new Bridge Farm shop. Helen feels so lucky - it was so generous of Peggy to give her and Rob a cheque. Helen jokes with a slightly worried Pat about seeing the money as a 'dowry'. Helen also plans to open their joint bank account, saying she has no need for her own account anymore. Charlie calmly interrogates Rob over Berrow Farm's online data, which Charlie has been carefully checking though. Rob's slightly thrown when Helen and Henry show up unannounced to say hello. Is something wrong, asks Rob? No, they've just been baking and brought him some of the spoils. Back to business, Charlie reminds Rob to get him the worksheets to look over. Later, Rob tells Helen that she should phone ahead next time rather than surprise him in the office.

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