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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 10th, 2016

Episode 625 of 870 episodes

Johnny confesses it's the smell of Tom's socks which has sent him overboard with the body spray. He asks Tony not to say anything. Tony shares a photo of a Fordson Major tractor Josh spotted at a recent sale. When Tony mentions it didn't sell, Johnny suggests he buys it. Tony doesn't know whether he's got the stamina for such a big restoration, but Johnny offers to help with the heavy work. Tony agrees to contact the owner. Jill asks Carol if she thinks she was being unreasonable in her attitude to Toby at her birthday tea. Carol asks gently whether Jill's made up with Pip yet. She points out Pip's young, and perhaps doesn't understand Jill's feelings about Robin...or Grace. Jill's defensive, insisting it was Pip who was in the wrong for not checking with her before inviting Toby. Carol's worried this will ruin Jill's relationship with Pip. Jill's adamant they'll have to agree to disagree. She's confident Pip will see through Toby eventually. Susan's off the juice cleanse regime for her birthday, although she's less than keen to celebrate another year of crow's feet. She's still fretting about her calendar picture. Neil reckons Susan looks fabulous; it's not her looks that need to change, it's how she feels about them.

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