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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 11th, 2015

Episode 186 of 870 episodes

Rex shows hung over Toby an Echo item featuring Toby and scantily clad Kate frolicking at the Home Farm pool party. Rex points out they should be earning people's respect and networking; Kate's father's an influential man in the area. If Toby doesn't stop messing around and start acting like a grown-up, he can forget all their big plans; Rex is out. Kate's getting the same message from Jennifer; bad publicity like this is the last thing they need. Reluctantly Toby apologises to Kate, winding up the conversation with indecent haste. They meet later, Kate inviting Toby to her housewarming. But she soon gets the message that she's superfluous to Toby's requirements and leaves. Rex brings the news they've been outbid on Pear Tree Farm, their latest prospect. The party's definitely over; they need to redouble their efforts. Toby can't argue. Neil's also nursing a hangover. Susan's not impressed, but softens when she realises the reason. They agree they'll really miss the Tuckers. It's not going to be the same for Neil without Mike. Susan wants to mark their departure. Scorning Jennifer's idea of beer and sandwiches, Susan prefers the classier cocktail party option. Mike and Vicky will have the best send-off ever.

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