The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 11th, 2015

Episode 251 of 870 episodes

Helen knows that Charlie's breathing down Rob's neck at work. Helen drops Henry off at Rowan's before catching up with Ian for a natter at Grey Gables. Ian opens up about his relationship with Adam. Ian feels rather ignored, having told Adam that he doesn't have to live in Ambridge. Ian would have gone to Hungary to live with him, as Brian's offer was an 'insult'. Helen focuses on the bright side - they'll be married soon and everything will be fine - just like she is with Rob, having had their difficulties. Carol and Jill chat over coffee at Grey Gables. Carol has been down to Bristol to see her old friend Hester, whose husband recently died. Carol talks fondly of Ambridge, admitting that she doesn't miss Bristol like she thinks she should. Rob tells Helen that what would make things complete for him would be to have a child of his own with her. Helen understands but mentions that timing is important - Henry's school and the farm shop are factors. Helen cheers up a grumpy looking Rob, telling him she loves him.

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