The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 11th, 2016

Episode 626 of 870 episodes

Neil promises he'll help with the cider pressing if he can. It depends on Susan. She is still on a downer over her looks. Eddie suggests ways Neil can help, but Neil's not sure any of them will do the trick. He asserts it must be nice to have Grange Farm in good order again. Eddie agrees, but says Joe won't feel right until Eddie's mum's old mangle is back in the yard. Neil's unimpressed with Joe's idea of using the old elves as prizes for Apple Day. They'll have to think of something else. Kate's worried her clients are drying up, but Lynda insists Kate's filling a real spiritual void in Ambridge. Lynda promises to display more of Kate's leaflets at Grey Gables. Ian drops the bombshell to Lynda that he's got a job offer, in Edinburgh. He needs to decide in the next day or two. Whatever happens, he feels good that someone rates him. Kate tells Adam she hates seeing him so miserable. She feels he needs to admit to himself his marriage was never going to work. He and Kate are two of a kind, and can't be fenced in. Adam quietly despairs of her attitude. Then she lets slip about Ian's job offer. Panicked Adam leaves a desperate message for Ian. Ian ignores Adam's pleas and quietly leaves.

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