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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



November 11th, 2015

Episode 338 of 870 episodes

Justin grills Charlie over his performance at Berrow Farm and the PR disaster that was the public meeting about the cow crisis. Justin regrets the loss of Rob - a talented herd manager. Charlie admits to Adam he's worried about his position. He'd like to thank Adam for reassuring him with a drink, but Ian has something planned this evening. Pip's sheep will be arriving at the weekend - she can't wait to get them out on the stubble turnips. She's excited about setting up a new beef herd with Adam. Ruth's cautiously encouraging. As they look forward to Jill being back at Brookfield, Pip reflects on where she'd be now if she'd stayed with Webster Agri. Pip mentions a scheme with the Felpersham Dairy Discussion Group, to visit New Zealand for two weeks taking in various operations. Pip's too busy to take up a place, though. Kenton brings some money to Brookfield, keen to show David he's honouring his debt. Kenton tells Ruth he's aiming for the Bull to be reopened in early December to coincide with the Christmas Lights going on around the Green. They discuss Jill coming back to Brookfield. Kenton remarks to Ruth that after all the upheaval David has got what he wants in the end. Ruth says yes - he always does, doesn't he?

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