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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 12th, 2016

Episode 469 of 870 episodes

Neil and Jazzer chat about Helen and Rob while shifting pig arks. Tom overhears Jazzer's derogatory remarks about Helen and punches him! Tom throws Jazzer off the farm and out of the house. At The Bull, Neil urges Jazzer to apologise. Neil frets to David that with Jazzer gone he will be run ragged at Bridge Farm. Pip proposes experimenting with herbal lays. She wants David to loan her a small number of cattle. He accepts, and Pip says she might also ask Tom for some of their cattle. Tom tells Pip he has fired Jazzer. Tom knows it isn't just Jazzer. Everyone seems to be talking about Helen. Jazzer tries asking Kirsty for a place to stay, but she takes offence to Jazzer's comments too. Kirsty goes to see Tom. She points out that being violent is not going to help Helen's case - people might think that violence runs in the family. However, Tom does not regret firing Jazzer. Kirsty reminds him of what she said last week - he has to put all his personal feelings aside for Helen. She tells him to grow up.

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