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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 12th, 2015

Episode 188 of 870 episodes

Pip's exams are over. She can't wait to get back to some real farming. As they admire the sunset Pip and David's thoughts turn to Ruth's mum and the future. With no improvement imminent Pip wants to be around to help now she has more time. David's pleased, and grateful. Kate's commandeered the kitchen at Home Farm for her housewarming prep, leaving Brian marooned. Not feeling the need to be 'house-cleansed', he departs for a bath and an early night. Kate continues campaigning for Phoebe to stay over at the cottage to no avail. Seeing Kate's polished off Brian's vintage burgundy, Phoebe exclaims to Fallon how embarrassing it all is. Fallon defends Kate; this is a big deal for her. As Kate pumps Fallon for information on being her own boss, Phoebe wonders where this is all heading. The house-cleansing ceremony's in full swing, but something in the air's getting in people's eyes and throats. Unfortunately Kate's forgotten the cottage has a fire alarm. The herbs catch alight, setting it off and triggering an alert for Brian. Furious Brian arrives to the scene of chaos and depleted burgundy. In despair he gives up and leaves. To Kate's horror Phoebe goes with him, declaring Kate's on her own, for good.

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