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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 12th, 2016

Episode 627 of 870 episodes

Tom feels his interview went quite well, except towards the end when he went overboard on current affairs. Jazzer reckons he'll walk it. At least he looked normal - unlike Roy, who Jazzer thinks looks hilarious post-makeover. In the end Tom and Jazzer agree that the new clothes aren't too bad, if Roy can just tone down the spiky hair. The three of them agree to go clubbing one night. Alistair gets to grips with Lynda's poorly llama. Lynda accepts reluctantly to use antibiotics if it helps Salieri. They're grateful Alistair came out so quickly; Robert wonders how they'd manage without such a good practice in the village. As they snuggle up in the shepherd's hut later, wistful Lynda contemplates Christmas show ideas. Robert's sorry she's depriving Ambridge of her talents this year. He cleverly persuades her out of retirement. He wants to see her happy and fulfilled. Alistair thinks Shula deserves the joint master role with the Hunt. Shula's worried about the potential cost, and more significantly, the hunt sab incident with Rob. Alistair thinks she's making too much of that. And they may be able to cope with the outlay. He suggests they explore every avenue before dismissing the chance to make her dream come true.

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