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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 13th, 2016

Episode 470 of 870 episodes

Adam and Ed are busy planting. Ed is enjoying his crop spraying course, and Adam says there will be plenty of opportunity for him to exhibit the skills he is learning. Adam asks if he would like to learn another new skill, as they are considering starting no-till cropping. Adam asks David's advice about no-till cropping. Adam is considering selling the idea to Brian and the B.L. Board. Emma is very much looking forward to tomorrow's award ceremony - she has pressed her jacket and polished her boots. Susan reports that Rob is out of danger, meaning Helen won't be facing a murder charge. Susan also says that she forgot they have an inspection at the shop tomorrow, which means she can't look after the kids. Neil feels competitive when he discovers that Josh Archer is going into partnership with the Fairbrothers on a rival product. When Neil confronts Josh, Josh insists the pastured eggs are aimed towards a different market. Neil lays down the law: unless he puts all his efforts into their eggs, the partnership is finished.

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