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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 13th, 2016

Episode 522 of 870 episodes

Toby is on the phone to Josh but cuts it short when Pip arrives at Hollowtree. Toby explains to Pip how he's been re-working his film about pastured eggs, broadening the scope of it. He asks her if she will do the voiceover and offers to cook her dinner on Thursday in return. Helen and Kaz chat while Helen feeds Jack, who continues to be hard work to breastfeed. Later, in the garden of the mother and baby unit Helen hears a Robin and points it out to Kaz. Helen says in the garden you can almost forget it's a prison. Apart from the 15ft walls, adds Kaz. They laugh. Jill tells Pip how Carol broke her wrist when she tripped over the Resurgam stone in Lynda's garden. Thankfully Dr Locke was there and he drove them both to the hospital. Toby and Josh crate up 24 hens at Willow Farm. Toby learns that Josh hasn't yet cleared taking the hens with Neil. They offload the hens at Hollowtree and Josh assures Toby he will let Neil and Hayley know about the move. Toby says the transferred hens will be laying like troopers in no time and Rex will be singing their praises.

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