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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 13th, 2015

Episode 226 of 870 episodes

Shula tries to be encouraging to Kenton, saying that the Bull is going to be a real destination pub. Shula's upset that she can't seem to fix things between Kenton and David. As Lower Loxley is hosting the village fete this year, Elizabeth suggests to Kenton that he could sell hampers and make some good money. Proud Kenton rudely rebuffs the offer - the whole point of them was to draw people to the pub! Rex updates Ruth on his geese enterprise. There's an awkward conversation between Rex and Elizabeth, as Rex goes to promote the geese at Lower Loxley. Rex doesn't seem to know about Elizabeth's affair with his father Robin. Elizabeth and Shula discuss Robin and his wife - as Elizabeth considers Rex's age, she speculates on whether Robin went back to his wife because she was pregnant with Rex. Rex also promotes the geese to Kenton at the Bull. Kenton's not really in a position to pounce but admits they'd be good for business. Heather's house is being valued on Thursday. Ruth feels guilty for all the sneaking around as she organises the sale. Ruth's back off up to Prudhoe and says her goodbyes.

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