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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 13th, 2015

Episode 253 of 870 episodes

Pip finds David in the calving shed, where he has delivered a heifer after a very long labour. Pip teases David who's awestruck - you'd think it was his first calf. They discuss Heather, who's bound to be stubborn about go into a permanent care home. Ruth is 'done in', so they agree to make sure everything at Brookfield's as calm and normal as possible for her. Fallon's worried since seeing Hazel's 'change of use' notice at the shop. She and Kenton agree they hate being skint. Tony enjoys being at the cattle market with Ed. Tony remembers going with Helen when she was small - they came home once with half a dozen ducklings. Tony helps Ed bid sensibly and they get a few Anguses. Toby tries to get Pip to take a break from the farm for a night out - he was sure there was a spark between them. But Pip says she hadn't noticed. Pip finds David up late, still sorting out odd jobs. She tells him to get to bed and conserve his energy for Ruth's sake. Kenton joins Toby for a night out on the tiles, despite Fallon trying to persuade Kenton not to. Kenton gets drunk and sounds off to Toby, who offers him a place to crash.

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