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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 13th, 2015

Episode 279 of 870 episodes

David's sad to have lost a calf, and Jill remembers what Phil had to go through as they discuss calving. David feels guilty for causing Kenton's financial situation - Jill shouldn't be stumping up to help pay towards the loan for Kenton and Jolene. But Jill's happy, as Carol has been paying her rent for Glebe Cottage. Jill clearly doesn't want to leave Brookfield and David and Pip worry about what they'll do without her - Ruth should be free to focus on farming when Heather comes to live there, and not become cook and housekeeper. David thinks of Bert to redecorate Pip's room for Heather. To Bert, Jill plays down her unhappiness at moving to Lower Loxley, talking about her nice room. Bert's looking forward to the Flower and Produce show. Jill wistfully remembers her own rose as Bert suggests Carol enters hers. Bert's not happy about the idea of the village hall being rebuilt and rebranded the Justin Elliot Hall. Jolene and Kenton are feeling optimistic about making the Bull a success again.

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