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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



December 13th, 2015

Episode 365 of 870 episodes

Roy and Kirsty feel bad for the Grundys who are leaving Grey Gables - the industrial cleaners look set to go in to Joe's room. Kirsty and Roy go over their lines for Calendar Girls. Roy admits he has painful memories of this time last year when he miserably worked through the work Christmas party. He's inclined to miss it this year. Ian can't wait for his wedding tomorrow, and the Bull is thriving for his low-key stag party. Kenton livens up the stag night with drinks and drinking games. Adam and Ian are surprised to see Rob at the party. Rob talks up his role at the farm shop to Adam - he's doing what he can to support Helen. Rob gets Ian talking about relationships and reveals to Ian Adam's fling with the fruit picker, Pawel, and also Adam's interest in Charlie. Rob does this innocently, as if he assumes Ian and Adam have an open relationship. Charlie gets drunk during the drinking games with Jazzer. Having turned Charlie down on Friday, Adam suggests they can still be friends. But Charlie says they shouldn't keep in touch - clean break and all that. Ian spots Charlie and Adam talking and tells Adam he'll see him at home.

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