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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 14th, 2016

Episode 471 of 870 episodes

Shula asks Rex about the pastured egg business, and about Bert's garden. Bert has been scathing about Lynda's plans. Susan reports Neil's anger over the egg rivalry, but Rex promises they are not trying to compete with Neil. Richard is going to the Borsetshire Businesswoman of the Year ceremony. Susan says they have to walk on egg shells at Bridge Farm. At the ceremony, Justin says Lilian is looking glamorous, which is all thanks to the clothing allowance he is providing. Justin says he is glad to be mentioned in the paper for something positive (the pastured eggs) rather than being portrayed as a business bogeyman. Elizabeth thinks she is up against stiff competition, but sounds proud to have made it in a man's world. The group discuss Lilian's new-found happiness in PR, and Shula's meeting of Dorothy. Richard wishes Elizabeth luck as the awards proceedings begin... Elizabeth doesn't win, but Richard warns her she still can't avoid the media spotlight when Lilian is around! Elizabeth is gracious in defeat and everyone has compliments for her on her achievements. Especially Richard Locke...

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