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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 14th, 2015

Episode 190 of 870 episodes

After the embarrassment of Kate's house-cleansing ceremony Fallon doesn't want to do anything for her upcoming birthday. Besides, she'll be officially over the hill at thirty. Harrison thinks it's a shame to do nothing. Fallon reminds him she hates surprises; they settle on a drink in the Flood bar. Privately he speaks to Jolene about getting Fallon's favourite film up on the big screen and secretly inviting her friends. Jolene thinks he's mad. Kenton's broadcasting Kate's party debacle to whoever will listen. Fallon feels sorry for her; she always seem to get into scrapes. Mike feels he's doing things the wrong way round retiring to the noisy city. Neil assures him he'll get used to it. Mike's glad Brenda will be at their leaving do on Friday. Resolutely cheerful, he asserts that at least Roy's staying put, and that he'll be back and forth to Ambridge for a good while to come. Kenton discovers the fete's been cancelled. He's horrified; why has no-one consulted him? He and Jolene can't survive without events like that! He rants to Jolene about village morale and the importance of communal jollity. He tries to get Fallon on board as well. Gradually winning them over, they hatch a plan: the Save the Ambridge Fete campaign starts here!

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