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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 14th, 2016

Episode 523 of 870 episodes

Susan keeps pestering Clarrie with questions about yoghurt and ice cream. Pat wonders if she should have a word but Clarrie says it's just Susan being the way she is - a bit bossy. Tony arrives back from visiting Helen, who is looking well for sitting out in the garden. Helen has been able to nominate Tony and Tom as the two people who can take Jack out of the mother and baby unit which means Pat can meet her grandson. Tom helps Ed and Jazzer with a shearing job in Wales. They talk about Oliver and Caroline's return to Ambridge. Ed tells Tom his tenancy of the land at Grange Farm will continue and he is thinking about developing a breeding stock of Texel sheep. At Grange Farm Clarrie finds Emma mopping up water that has come through the ceiling. Joe left the water running in the free-standing bath that doesn't have a proper overflow. Emma has held off the Sterlings visit to Grange Farm until the end of the week. They find the water has spread further than they thought and a rug and furniture are put outside to dry. Rob unexpectedly turns up at Bridge Farm with a proposition: He wants to spend Father's Day - a Sunday - with Henry. In return, Henry can stay over with Pat and Tony one night next week. Rob leaves before they make a decision. Pat says they have to stand up to him; she's not going to let Rob push them around.

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