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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 14th, 2015

Episode 227 of 870 episodes

Jennifer fusses as Debbie arrives. As Jennifer worries about the tense atmosphere between Brian and Adam, Brian says Debbie knows what to expect - she's coming to put a stop to Adam's plans. Debbie asks after Phoebe and they also discuss Roy's affair - poor girl. Debbie has noticed the damage to the village from the flood. Brian implores her to help him nip Adam's plans in the bud. Adam asks what they're talking about. Adam and Brian argue. Before coming down on one side or the other, Debbie insists on reacquainting herself with the farm and having a look at the effect of the flood water. Kate tries to reach out to Phoebe, wanting to give her advice at this 'precious' time in her life. But Phoebe storms off. Kate reminds Jennifer of her experience working in a Soweto HIV clinic. Kate goes to talk to Phoebe, but Jennifer points out she has already done so herself. Kate's furious as Jennifer explains that she only advised Phoebe to go and visit a GP or clinic for sexual health advice. Kate assumes Phoebe will go on the pill, which she criticises. Angry Kate tells Jennifer she doesn't need her interference - Jennifer should keep her nose out!

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