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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



September 14th, 2015

Episode 280 of 870 episodes

Pip seems to have the magic touch with the cows, getting them ready for the market as David goes to transfer the loan money to Kenton. There's a calving problem, so Pip calls Ed to help and his muscle comes in really handy. David missed it, and congratulates and thanks Pip and Ed - any debt that Pip felt she owed the farm (remembering Matthew the milker) is now well and truly cleared! Oliver's putting things into storage for when he and Caroline are away in Tuscany - they head off at the weekend. Ed reminds Oliver it's Joe's birthday on Friday - they'll be at the Bull for the rugby World Cup - and for Thursday Kenton's organising a themed quiz night . There seem to be negative comments on the village website about Justin Elliot, but Neil feels it's unfair given how generous Justin's prepared to be. However, he's unsure whether or not to accept Justin's money to restore and rebrand the hall. Oliver wonders if it would be seen as tainted money, given Justin's involvement with the new road scheme. But Kenton says Neil should just accept - pointedly remarking that if Justin's foolish enough to part with his dosh, you should take it - and you don't have to like him.

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