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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



December 14th, 2015

Episode 366 of 870 episodes

It's Adam and Ian's wedding day. Jennifer's pleased that Brian has accepted their relationship. Brian points out that Adam, unlike Kate, has his private life managed well (Jennifer agrees, not letting on to what she knows). Ian seems to need some reassurance form Adam, who tells him he's eager to get married and spend the rest of his life with Ian. Helen's surprised that Rob went to the stag and is coming to the wedding, but he points out that he wants to support her. There, Rob says he's surprised they've gone through with it, knowing Adam's track record. And Ian's rather cool with Helen. Charlie seems nervous to Jennifer. He'll be working over Christmas but she insists that he pops round to Home Farm for a Christmas drink. Awkward Charlie eventually leaves the wedding rather early. Justin Elliot seems to have something important to discuss with Brian. Rob schmoozes Jennifer and assures her that their secret (about Adam's fling) is safe with him. In other news, Carol has had to pull out of Calendar Girls, to be with her daughter in Bristol who's going through a messy break up. Adam and Ian exchange vows. Then Ian discards his planned speech and talks about Adam being the only man for him, and how things can be difficult. He hopes they'll one day look back and know that they did the right thing. In a rather awkward silence, Rob is prompted to offer an awkward toast - "to the happy couple".

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