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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 15th, 2016

Episode 472 of 870 episodes

Helen refuses to see Pat when she puts in for a visiting order. Pat and Peggy imagine Helen alone with her mind in turmoil... and it's her birthday tomorrow. Pat introduces barrister Anna Tregorran to Kirsty. Anna tells Kirsty that she must leave - she is a key prosecution witness and Anna can't be seen to be influencing her testimony. Anna adds she also won't be allowed to see Henry; and the same goes for Helen. Anna confirms she will be happy to represent Helen, if she can speak to her first. Pat is worried that Helen will refuse to see Anna, too. Eddie tells Lynda that the shepherd's hut is almost ready. Lynda is having trouble visualising the whole thing. Lynda requests to see the hut today. Lynda is not impressed by the sight of it. As Lilian gives Peggy a lift, they talk about Anna, then suddenly Peggy orders Lilian to stop the car. She's seen a limousine outside Blossom Hill. It was the surprise Rob had planned for Helen: a luxury weekend away in a country house hotel for her birthday. Peggy asks, 'how can anyone possibly believe that he didn't love and cherish his wife?'.

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