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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 15th, 2015

Episode 192 of 870 episodes

Christine feels she's outstayed her welcome at the Stables. She's sure Alistair will be glad to see the back of her - he seems to be getting very irritable lately. Peggy has a radical proposal; how would Chris feel about moving in with her? She'd be doing Peggy a favour. Elizabeth and Shula think it's a wonderful idea, and persuade reticent Chris to give it some consideration. Pip's revelling in post-exam joy and fresh air. David's happy to have her help again, especially as she reports the milk yield's almost back up to last year's pre-flood levels. Pip asks David tentatively whether Brookfield could rent some land to the Fairbrothers. David thinks not; there's too much uncertainty about the road to compromise usable acreage. Elizabeth thinks it's a real shame about the fete. Shula comments that even Lynda's agreed to the cancellation without putting up a fight; there's probably a bit of post-flood fatigue setting in. While at Brookfield delivering presents for David to take to Prudhoe for Ruth's birthday, Elizabeth takes the opportunity to ask him what he thinks about offering Lower Loxley to the fete committee. David's in favour. They agree to run it past Jill.

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