The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



December 15th, 2015

Episode 367 of 870 episodes

Clarrie can't wait for Christmas at Grange Farm, but Joe wishes they'd sold more turkeys - them pesky Fairbrothers! Toby gossips to Rex about Matthew the milker and Pip, but awkward Rex is more concerned with how they'll dress their geese. To kill two birds with one stone, Toby asks Clarrie to help, and in return the Grundys can share their market stall when they flog their birds at the market. Jill has refused to step in to play Carol's part in Calendar Girls. Meanwhile, Matthew and Pip work together and he invites her for a Christmas drink. Spotting Matthew's skill with a paring knife, Pip's keen to get some training herself in the new year. Nostalgic Jill enjoys seeing the youngsters enjoying farming. It's David and Ruth's anniversary but Ruth's away in New Zealand and David, who's keen to mark it, also has other things on his mind. Josh needs to get his UCAS form in before his skiing trip and David shares his worries about the farm with Jill. He and Ruth haven't had a chance to have a proper chat and David doesn't want to give Ruth bad news. Jill remembers Phil's trials on the farm. David's not sure when Ruth will be home from New Zealand. He leaves Ruth a voice mail wishing her a happy anniversary, and to say "I love you".

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