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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 16th, 2015

Episode 194 of 870 episodes

Susan's refining her canapes. Ed suggests helpfully that Mike and Vicky might be happy with simpler fare, but Susan wants to make it special. Busy Tom helps Ed with baling at Grange Farm. They talk cattle and Tony's new bull. Jill and Chris share sympathy over Ruth's dilemma with care for Heather. Jill thinks Peggy's suggestion that Chris moves in with her is a wonderful idea; it would benefit Peggy too. She recommends Chris goes round to The Lodge to remind herself what a lovely house it is. Chris takes Jill's advice, and after a chat with Peggy is soon persuaded. She'd love to live at The Lodge. Determined Kenton's pressing on with his fete plans, asking Tom if he can borrow a pig. When Susan challenges Kenton about the planned cancellation, Kenton declares the committee's been overruled. The fete's going ahead. However when Jill gives him the news that Elizabeth's stepped in to offer Lower Loxley, he furious. That can't happen! The pub depends on the extra trade from the fete, and having it outside Ambridge will turn the village into a ghost town. It seems his whole family is out to ruin him. And if the Bull goes up the Suwannee, it'll be all Jill's fault.

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