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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 16th, 2016

Episode 525 of 870 episodes

Alice is keen to see Pip at work with the mob-grazing herd. She also tells Pip she reckons Rex fancies her rotten, Pip insists they are just good mates. Alice is on her way to give Phoebe a lavender pillow to ease her exam stress and at Home Farm, they find Phoebe stressed and clearing up after Lilian and Kate. Kate has put an open invitation on Facebook to her summer solstice event and Phoebe's worried too many people will come. Alice tells her to stop clearing up and invites her to The Nest where she can study in peace. Pat is angry that Rob is pictured and called a hero in the Echo's coverage of the weekend's events. Tony says she can't expect other people to see through him if they never did. He thinks they should agree to Rob's request of altering the arrangement with Henry for Father's Day. It will show they are co-operative people which could serve them well at the FHDRA hearing. Plus, they can spend the Sunday visiting Jack. Toby serves Pip dinner at the Bungalow - Bert has gone to the pub and Rex is away. Pip is impressed with the quality of the cooking. Toby shows her the updated film and Pip's not impressed by the lack of mention of the wider Brookfield farm. She points out his business would never have got off the ground without a lot of help from her mum and dad. Pip leaves, thanking him for dinner but it was a shame about the rest of the evening.

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