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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 16th, 2015

Episode 229 of 870 episodes

Jill's concerned about the extent of David's support to the Fairbrothers - they mustn't take advantage. As Jill bakes for the fete, she and David also discuss Josh, who needs to apply himself more to his studies. Ruth's tired and stressed - and feeling guilty for not being there when Heather had a fall. Heather just wants to get out of hospital and into her own bed. But David feels they have to face facts when it comes to Heather - she needs to be in a care home. Debbie's caught between Adam and Brian, both pushing her for an answer on the maize contract and where her support lies. Brian's convinced that Debbie's on his side, whereas Adam feels that Debbie must know that his way is the obvious solution. Adam and Debbie discuss Charlie, who sacked Debbie by email. She's intrigued to meet him, as Adam explains the effect Charlie has had on his own life and thinking. Adam's really happy that Debbie's around and back on the farm. Debbie reveals to Brian that she's handing over her share of power - the arable - to Adam. She insists that Brian is not going to change her mind.

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