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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 16th, 2015

Episode 255 of 870 episodes

Out in the field, David reminds Toby and Rex to check their netting in case of escaped geese - or foxes getting in. Rex warns Toby against mocking pathetic Kenton - he may not be able to take it at the moment. Rex also wonders why Toby is still chasing Pip, as she'll be gone soon. However, Toby's keen to get goose onto hotel chain Reedles' Christmas menu, and if Pip comes with him they'll have a better chance of sweetening them. Rex is horrified. Susan gets the shop committee together to come up with a plan against Hazel Woolley - Jim wonders if they even have a case to challenge her. But Susan says they have to fight back. Susan has faith in Peggy making waves with Hazel - they can't believe planning permission will be given for the shop's change of use. Peggy's going to get on to Hazel at once. Jim tells Lynda about Caroline's Italian-themed dinner. Carol insists that everyone speaks in Italian for the evening. Christine's nervous. Ruth knows that David's avoiding talking about Heather. David's uncertain about how suitable Brookfield is for Heather to move in to. Angry Ruth mentions Jill, and how there seems to be one rule for the Archer family and a different one for everyone else.

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