The Archers

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



October 16th, 2016

Episode 630 of 870 episodes

As he nurses a hangover, Rex is relieved to hear from Bert that Toby was up early to do his shift with the geese and hens. Toby returns to the Bungalow for breakfast and when he asks Rex to pass the cereal, his brother gets difficult. Ed sees Rob outside the village shop and while Rob wants to chat, Ed is curt with him. Pat arrives but when she spots Rob she quickly turns and leaves. Later, Ed bumps into Rob for a second time at The Bull. As they both wait to be served, Ed refuses Rob's offer of a drink. Meanwhile, Rex and Toby argue in the pub. The noise of their row distracts Alice as she tries to clear the air with Ed after the way she treated him at her birthday party. Ed accepts Alice's apology and she confides in him that she is finding work a struggle. They arrange to meet one evening so Ed can share his expertise. Rob arrives to see Jack and tells Pat that he has bundled up Helen and Henry's belongings at Blossom Hill Cottage. He adds they'll be thrown out with the rubbish unless someone collects them, pronto.

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