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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 17th, 2016

Episode 473 of 870 episodes

Ed asks Eddie why Lynda is now withholding the payment for her shepherd's hut. She reckons it is an abomination against her and the Queen! Eddie frets about money as they also have to cover Alf's debt. Ed suggests painting the chimney matt black to appease Lynda. Eddie and Ed discuss the new watch that George has bought himself. When they erect the shepherd's hut in the garden, Lynda takes a tour. Lynda tells Eddie he won't be getting his fee until the job is absolutely finished. Eddie begrudgingly agrees he will be back to make the finishing touches. Adam asks Brian if he can run through his presentation for the Board meeting. Adam and Brian talk about Adam's no-till farming and mob-grazing ideas. Brian says he will back him. Henry makes Helen a birthday present. Tom reports that the journalists are still circling, while Pat is stressed by all of Henry's questions. Pat has a go at Tom for getting rid of Jazzer and putting even more of a strain on the family and the farm. Pat starts crying and says she feels as if she has lost Helen, and they might not get her back.

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