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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 17th, 2015

Episode 196 of 870 episodes

David arrives home from Prudhoe. He reports that Ruth will be there for some time yet; she doesn't feel she can leave Heather at the moment. Pip fills David in on Kenton's run-in with Jill over the fete. Pip concedes that the current good milk figures are mainly down to her mum and dad's extended grazing programme. David reckons it's also since Pip took over the milking; she has the magic touch. Jennifer's relieved Christine's moving in with Peggy; it's a weight off her mind knowing Peggy won't be alone. Kate's given up her uni course. She's had a run-in with her tutor, but feels she can't tell Brian without Jennifer being there. She attempts to get Lilian to break the news for her, but Lilian advises it will be better if Kate does it herself. When Kate does finally break the news, Brian can't believe it. He despairs of her, tearing her off a strip and touching a raw nerve when he mentions Phoebe. Kate cries. To her horror, Jennifer defends Brian's stance. She needs to start behaving like an adult. Kate storms out. Jennifer confides to Lilian this might be the final straw for Brian. Their other children are all so level-headed. Where did they go wrong with Kate?

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