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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



July 17th, 2015

Episode 230 of 870 episodes

Brian's furious following Debbie's announcement and speaks to a disappointed Charlie. At the Home Farm barbeque Kate flirts with Charlie, who finally meets Debbie. Debbie points out how she was unceremoniously fired by Charlie - by email (at least Adam had the courtesy to cancel the maize contract face to face, she says). However, she thaws slightly as Charlie works some humble charm - he regrets the way he went about it. Adam feels confident that he's effectively in charge at Home Farm - there'll be no more Brian standing in the way of change, as Adam develops his sustainable farming plans. Ian warns Adam to be careful - he has already put Brian's nose out of joint. Kate tells Helen about her own business idea - a rural retreat. Brian says that Kate can do whatever she wants - as long as she buys her own land. Jennifer and Kate argue over Phoebe. Peggy's unhappy to discover that Jennifer gave Phoebe advice about sexual health. Jennifer becomes defensive and criticises Peggy for not being so helpful as a mother when she was growing up. Debbie tactfully suggests to Brian that he should consider retiring.

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