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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 17th, 2015

Episode 256 of 870 episodes

Lynda's keen to find out from Elizabeth about the setup at Lower Loxley for the incoming Magic Opera Company. Lynda is writing a review of the opera, delighted to be asked to cover for Tristram Hawkshaw. Lynda realises that she needs to be careful as some locals will expect bias in her writing. Lynda also tells Elizabeth about plans for Mungo's first birthday at the Dower House. David will be going to the opera, keen to treat Ruth to a good night out to distract her from worry about Heather. Bert's keen to put a piece of trellis into Freda's flower bed at the Bull garden, so the rose has something to cling to when it's planted in October. Jim and Bert discuss being out of their natural homes - it isn't the same, is it? Jim fears he offended Christine at Oliver and Caroline's. Joe reports that something terrible has happened to the village hall - a section gave way in front of him. Joe says he had a vision of old Bob Pullen - like a warning from a ghost. Charlie calls Rob in for a meeting - he has something serious to discuss. As Charlie goes into more detail about the data, and possible oversight from Rob, Rob becomes defensive and gradually angry. It's the last straw - Rob announces that he's quitting.

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