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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



April 18th, 2016

Episode 474 of 870 episodes

Neil goes to the Bull to keep Jazzer company, who has been drowning his sorrows all day. Jolene joins, chuffed that their St George's Day event seems to be taking off. Jim comes in and Kenton quizzes him all about St George. Jolene jokes they could hire a dragon for the event and this gives Kenton an idea. Jolene lets Neil know that Josh has been trying to sell the Fairbrothers' eggs to The Bull. He is furious - Josh has gone too far this time! Both Anna and Pat are determined to find out why Helen did what she did. Anna meets Helen. Helen is concerned about what Henry saw on the night of the incident. Anna probes her about what Henry saw, but Helen is not forthcoming with details. Anna thinks she was protecting Henry, and she learns that Rob told Helen she's not fit to be a mother. Helen asks what will happen when the baby is born? Anna soothes Helen but tells her that she is going to need more answers in order to help her. Afterwards, Anna tries to reassure Pat on the phone that they have made a start. Anna says that she detected some strength when Helen talked about Henry and the baby - they can build on that.

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