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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



June 18th, 2015

Episode 198 of 870 episodes

Brenda's back for Mike and Vicky's farewell party. Neil and Tom update her on village life since she left. Things are a little awkward with Tom as they discuss Kirsty, but they find common ground over Tom's recent kindness to Roy. Tom knows how Roy feels; he's messed up a good relationship himself more than once. Finding Mike and Vicky up to their ears in boxes and tissue paper, Roy offers Phoebe's babysitting services for the evening. Mike assures him they're sorted; Beth can go in with Keira at Ambridge View. Besides surely Phoebe will want to be at the party? Roy remarks drily that Phoebe's a bit off parties at the moment. As the tasteful music begins and the cocktails flow at Ambridge View, Vicky's getting teary. How she'll miss the cows and the country pursuits! Being a visitor just won't be the same, she sniffs. But motherhood changes everything, and it's time to move on. Brenda locates absent Roy, who's sitting quietly in the kitchen. He shares his thoughts on Hayley, Phoebe and the life he threw away. And now his dad's going, he'll be completely alone. Back in the room Neil delivers a heartfelt speech about his good friend, and glasses are raised in a toast: Mike and Vicky!

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