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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



August 18th, 2015

Episode 257 of 870 episodes

Helen tries to persuade Rob to talk to Charlie, who has left a message for Rob to talk things through with him. With Charlie in the weaker position, surely Rob can go back to Berrow strong? But Rob says he should have explained the extent of his problems with Charlie- Charlie was vindictive. Also, Rob should have taken time off when he was injured from the flood, but they were under pressure. Helen sees his point. Rob also persuades Helen that Charlie has been worried since she saw Charlie kissing Adam, and so could have been taking it out on Rob. Helen immediately focuses her thoughts on helping Rob find a new job. Charlie, meanwhile, asks Brian whether he has heard anything (not letting on that Rob has walked out). Pip sticks up for Ruth over Heather's welfare, reminding her dad that the last big decision -about staying on at Brookfield - was done by David alone. It hurt Ruth to not be consulted. Surely it's time for Ruth to make the big decision when it comes to Heather coming to live at Brookfield?

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